Active Project


Renovation of 133 deutsche bahn passenger cars into 4 bed luxury cars (Fadak)

work description of project consist of : :
Engineering, purchasing, assembling and testing trains of rail Pardaz Noafarin. The mentioned passenger coaches will operation with commercial name of Fadak
work description of engineering consist of: designing and engineering of interior decoration, body of passenger coaches, modeling and tridimensional body and equipment of engineering software, designing all of items inside the compartment and attendant s compartment.
Purchase phase consist of: purchase or fabricate all of required parts under chassis, interior decoration, kitchen, ventilation system, audio and video system, vacuum toilet and … with cooperation local and foreign manufacturer.
Assemble phase consist of: conduction body maintenance , bogie, brake system, coupling and Replace of intact parts instead defective parts. Also assemble of all interior decoration and audio and video system , fire extinguisher equipment, sena software, attendant call and … . At the phase of Performance testing of ventilation systems, audio and video system, electric, toilets , bogie test, Weight inspection and running test.
All of the mentioned steps executed with supervision and technical certification by European consulting co.